What do you think is an appropriate email greeting?

How do you open your emails to clients and/or a prospective employer? From my experience it seems that fewer people begin these notes with “Dear” and the tone seems more informal than I’d prefer in a business setting. I see ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’ most often and these greetings seem a bit too friendly for me.

I see the friendly tone as a function of our busy, digital world. “Dear,” which always looked fine on a business letter or a handwritten note, is increasingly seen as archaic and old-fashioned on a computer screen, smartphone or mobile device.

It also seems that many young professionals are using, “Hey.” That word may be suited fine for friends but, in my opinion, that word isn’t suited when responding to a professional or business email.

Many emails I get are probably from a ‘template’ and they include a greeting like ‘Hi.’ I’d suspect these exact emails were sent to hundreds of others in a company’s database with no thought to specific content. If that’s the case, why bother sending the email out?

While I don’t think there’s one right or wrong answer as we each have different comfort levels based on our own experiences. I’d be interested in hearing how my followers feel about this.

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