Steps To Success teams with local job support group

Steps To Success will be partnering with Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA, Inc. (NhN_USA), a cost-free, nationally recognized, successful Peer-led volunteer weekly job search support and networking group targeted to individuals who are actively looking for work and interested in reinvigorating their job search.

The group’s website is

Membership is open to anyone in career transition, including unemployed or underemployed individuals and recent college graduates in the fields of business, non-profit, and education, as well as persons re-entering the job market, struggling small business owners and anyone looking for part-time or volunteer work.

Founded by John R. Fugazzie and started in River Edge, New Jersey on January, 27, 2011, NhN has fostered a “pay it forward” give back and an accountability weekly meeting model.

NhN Mission

NhN is a network of volunteer peer support groups that follow a community-based approach to help under-employed and unemployed residents get back to work. NhN embraces a ‘pay it forward’ ethos, asking all associates to contribute to other members by sharing job search techniques, related professional career development resources, personal referrals and generally providing a forum where members feeling empowered, energized and focused on the job search.

• Provide compassionate, nonjudgmental support to members through networking, coaching, leadership experience, and camaraderie.
• Partner with community business leaders to match members with job openings and volunteer and or paid consulting opportunities.
• Expand network reach throughout local communities where there is a need and interest in the New York-New Jersey metro area and expansion into other states.
Core Behaviors
• Be positive in approach and encourage others to remain positive when facing the inherent challenges of the job search.
• Be compassionate and firm, as needed, to maintain productive meeting atmosphere and consistent results orientation.
• Be active in respective home towns by developing the group and its role in each community.
• Take the extra step to help members by sharing personal network and job leads.
• Report your success story to help others stay motivated as they helped you to do.

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