My Top 10 Email etiquette suggestions

These are my top 10 email etiquette suggestions. Not all need to be followed for every audience, as the person emailing you can determine which rule fits best.

• Return emails within the same time frame you return phone calls. This may not always be realistic but people want to know you’ve received their correspondence.

• Include the action you require of the recipient in the email subject line. For example, “Response required or FYI only’

• Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Use capital letters sparingly, if at all, because ‘tone’ can’t also be detected in an email.

• Use an appropriate font and point size.

• Write in a positive tone. Avoid negative words and blaming statements as much as possible.

• When sending an attachment mention what’s being attached and make sure it’s sent. If you realize you forgot to send it, re-send with an apology

• Deliver the news upfront, whether in a subject line or within the first sentence if possible. Very few people have time to read stories.

• Think about what you’re writing before you hit the ‘send’ button. Read your message twice and see if the email makes sense. Calm down before responding to a message that offends you.

• Do not send huge attachments with emails. It’s better to upload on a shared network resource and send people a link. That way messages don’t get stuck or clog up business systems

• Make sure the proper recipients are on the email and make sure you get the names right (don’t write Keith when you mean Kenneth).

If things become heated, misunderstandings will probably occur. There are times a phone call may be needed to smooth things over. Everyone has received an email which has angered them. Write your responses and save them as drafts. Let some time go by and open the message again and read it carefully and edit it. This does two things. You get to vent, even if it only to yourself. By sending out a revised and calmer email, things are kept on a professional and constructive level.

It’s important to respect everyone’s time. Never send an email that you wouldn’t expect your entire professional and personal network to see. Just because you think something’s important, doesn’t necessarily mean that your email has the same sense of urgency for the person you’re emailing.

It’s also important to not include text messaging emoticons and phrases like ‘LOL’ as they can make your message too personal. You never know who will see the email you send.

Common professional courtesy and etiquette should never go out of style. I hope everyone else shares their email etiquette suggestions with me.

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